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Our Story

Everything deserves a second chance!

Founded by the Vizcarra brothers, We ReKNEW is a premium service that allows customers to give treasured articles of clothing a second chance at life by re-dying them.

If everyone does their part we can all minimize our environmental footprint.

Having a (family) background in the industrial garment-dyeing industry (30 years), the brothers began to notice a growing amount of inquiries toward individual garment dyes. After working closely with a select few valued customers, the brothers not only noticed a new business opportunity, but an opportunity to do their part and help individuals minimize their environmental footprint. The customers that would use the individual-garment dyeing service would rave about the experience and began to bring in more personal items as well as friends that could benefit from the same service.

Recycle clothes like they recycle paper

After generating a large volume of business through simply word-of-mouth, the brothers noticed a void in the industry as well as the increase in fast-fashion and its effects on the environment. It was then where the brothers began to brainstorm on how they could provide a service that allows customers to recycle clothes like they recycle paper and even upcycle them.

We ReKNEW’s mission is to provide a service that not only reduces the amount of clothing in landfills but to educate people on sustainable fashion and minimize our environmental footprint.

“Why re-buy when you can re-dye?”

Our vision is to create a household name where people turn to before continuing the wasteful shopping behavior and essentially posing the question: “Why re-buy when you can re-dye?”

Whether you would like to revive an old shirt, jacket, pair of jeans or simply cover a difficult stain, we can take care of that for you. Having 20 years in the industrial garment-dying industry, our dyers have worked with large fashion houses and individual clients leaving our quality and experience unmatched.