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What colors do you re-dye clothing to?

  • Currently, we offer the ability to turn any old, faded, discolored items to the color black. 

Do you dye items any other color than black?

  • Black is the most universal and consistent color to maintain. We want to make sure each customer is happy with a consistent end result which is why, at the moment, we only offer our service with a black color finish. However, If you are interested in premium custom-color dyed garment(s), please contact us for further information.

Why should I dye / re-dye my clothes?

  • Not only are you helping to keep landfills free from perfectly useful clothing items (save our planet!) but you're also saving your money by not having to re-buy. 

How long does it take?

  • Under normal circumstances, your item will be returned in 7-10 business days from when they are received and processed.  

How long will the dye last?

  • We revive your garments to last with a fresh, new, black color but like all garments, fading is unfortunately inevitable with continued wear and washing as the fibers continue to be damaged. You can prolong your color by using best practices and washing your garments inside-out in cold water with a mild detergent and avoiding a hot air dryer when possible. Will it last forever, no, but we expect at least 6 months with normal wear and an even longer life with the proper care.

 Are dyes and the dyeing process eco-friendly?

  • From the material safety data provided by our supplier and extensive research, our dye process poses no threat to you or your environment: it is neither toxic nor environmentally hazardous and does not contain heavy metals.
  • The dyeing process does use an extra amount of water during the rinsing process and there is a small amount of residual dye in the waste water but we are continually searching for more efficient methods.
  • The frequent disposal and replacement of garments is, however, a problem for the environment. Any garment whose dye fades quickly may be discarded sooner, resulting in a greater cost to the environment when the garment is replaced.

What can affect the result of my garment not dyeing correctly?

  • Fibers may not allow dye to adhere and/or penetrate due to prior dyeing and/or finishing procedures. Additionally stains and/or spots treated by customer or cleaner prior to dyeing may produce inconsistent results.
  • For individual garment questions, please feel free to email us and include an image of your garment you wish to re-dye and one of our dye specialists will give you more information.

What if my garment has a hole and/or tears, will this affect my end results? 

  • Results will vary, we can not guarantee the end result. However we will be as delicate as possible.  

What are the best pieces to dye?

  • We have the ability to dye all types of garments from t-shirts, sweaters, denim, and more. For more consistent and accurate dyes, we recommend submitting items that are 100% cotton or similar. 

Will the threads dye the same colors as the garment?

  • Yes, in most cases. Unless the tread is polyester, then they may not accept the dye.

Will the zippers and buttons be dyed the same color as the garment? 

  • Zipper teeth do not dye, they remain the original color. The fabric that secures the zipper teeth to the garment may or may not dye depending on the type of fabric. Buttons will not accept dye unless they are covered with the same fabric as garment.

 How do I find out the fabric content of my garment? 

  • You can look for the care/content label on the garment. Please note that the fabric content on the label is usually accurate but not always.

Will my garment shrink? 

  • Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and wool tend to shrink. We have no way of determining the inherent properties of a dyed fabric, as many processes and finishes may have been used prior to us receiving the garment. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for shrinkage. However, if the garment has been previously washed with warm water, then it most likely will not shrink at all. 

    Will everything garment dye perfectly?

    • Not all results can be predicted - age, condition and fibre content can influence results.


        If you have any questions please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, questions via e-mail: